Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sundae World - Lansdale

Sundae World is a sister store to the Sundae School in Hilltown.  I always seem to get lost trying to find my way to Sundae School (women drivers!) so this new location is AWESOME for me (not for my hips though!) because it's closer and super easy to find.
They have CMP's here (as far as I can tell, it's same menu as Sundae School) which is old school up North (think Jim Thorpe area) favorite sundae (chocolate ice cream, marshmallow, peanuts). They have such a super large selection (over 60 flavors I think - it seems to change but it's always amazing). My favorite so far is the Key Lime Pie and Southern Pecan pie. My daughter loves the Dirt Sundae. One suggestion...only some sundaes come in "small" sizes. Perhaps they all do, and you simply have to ask (I will on future visit!) - but it would be great for people like me who love ice cream but try to eat healthy to have small size choices.
Parking is great - of course it doesn't have the unique character that the Sundae School has - but the employees are super friendly and it's super clean and it's just as fantastically delicious! And on Sundays - dogs get free ice cream!

Sundae World -1801 N Broad St
Lansdale, PA 19446
215) 872-8047