Monday, June 23, 2014

East Coast Comfort - Heating and Air Conditioning

John and I interviewed 3 companies to install a new water heater. The first two were Silas and Horizon. Their prices were thousands higher than East Coast and after a trip to Philly - I realized why. On the train, there was an advertisement for Silas. And the very next day, a plane flew overheard with a banner for Horizon. Both Horizon and Silas sent out sales reps who drove really nice company vehicles and spent almost an hour giving us a typical sales speech. East Coast Comfort doesn't have sales reps. They send out employees who actually do installations so they know what they are talking about. There is no shiny colorful truck - just a work truck. We ended up going with East Coast Comfort not only because they came in at the lowest (and I mean thousands lower and even put in the same equipment that both corporate companies quoted us) but because it's a small company that doesn't have bells and whistles - they have knowledge, experience, and instead of spending money on advertisements, they rely on word of mouth (a friend recommended which is how we came to call them in the first place). On installation day (new heater) - they discovered a pipe which had been broken which our previous "contracted" oil/heating company never noticed and this was after years of "yearly" inspections.  Tony and the other employees were professional yet friendly and I so admire their work ethic and their integrity. On a side note, I offered them something to drink and though they refused, Tony said people rarely ask them that anymore. I was amazed and saddened: don't people have manners any longer? In a country that is screaming about treating people "equally" and "fairly" - it's just absurd that homeowners don't even think to offer contractors a can of soda or glass of ice tea. Yes, you are paying them, but it doesn't mean you're "above" them. Growing up (in the mid-west) anyone who came into our house was treated like a guest. Maybe it's just a mid-west thing, I don't know, but come on people - contractors may be "blue collar" but man, that is an AWESOME thing to be; you called them because they know more than you and are willing to learn something you weren't. At least offer them something to drink!!
End Rant.
Okay. And with that, I highly highly recommend and when you read the reviews for the 'corporate' companies - don't forget that not only do they pay for ads on trains and planes - but they also pay people to write positive reviews for their company and negative reviews for other companies.

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