Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dr. Dinesen - Ob/Gyn

Dr. Jennifer White from the Doylestown ER advised me to see Dr. Dinesen (she highly recommended and trusted him) about a cyst I had on my ovary that had set up camp and was refusing to leave.
Great things: He got me in immediately (I had to wait over a month for Ianieri). The waiting room was nice. What I LOVED: the exam room was clean and nice. Dr. Dinesen came in and talked to me while I was still dressed. I told him that I felt I really did have a cyst on my left ovary but it didn't show up on an ultrasound (but it did show up on CAT scan) and he said "Ultrasounds do lie. They lie often." He answered all my questions and when I brought up I might just as well get all my lady parts out since that ovary gave me nothing but trouble and those parts weren't functioning anyway, and my mom had uterine/ovarian cancer,  he agreed and asked that I get cardiac clearance first since I'd had a problem under surgery before. He gave me a NICE pink cloth gown to put on after I got undressed so he could examine me. I was impressed, most ob/gyn give you these horrible paper gowns and are about as comfortable as wearing sand paper.
I liked him a-lot, he was no nonsense yet friendly, and took time to make his patients feel comfortable. Now, the only thing that made me hesitant, was the fact that he was sort of bragging how busy his practice is and how he pays his front office more than what other doctors usually pay - how he spends more (on the gowns/sheets) to make patients feel comfortable. I've been in sales, I've studied marketing and business - so those were things I'd noticed immediately. I felt like he was trying to  sell me on his practice - which made me start to question why he felt he had to sell me on it. I believe people should be proud of their accomplishments, and perhaps that was all Dinesen was doing - but it came off just a wee bit like bragging.
I had been told by one ob/gyn to keep my lady parts in, Dr. D said "take 'em out" and so I decided to see a third doctor, who I went with simply because I was a bit exhausted by making the rounds of doctors by that time (and my sister in law used her and loved her) HOWEVER,  looking back now, even though I'd ultimately choose Dr. Ianieri, I would have chosen Dr. Dinesen. Looking back, I think what I perceived as "boasting" was simply pride. And if Dr. D cares enough to provide nice gowns, a beautiful office, and nice staff - I'm sure he very much cares about the experience and care of his patients.