Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Doylestown Gynecology (Ultrasounds Lie!!)

Having been plagued by a cyst on my left ovary (even though I only get my period twice a year) - on the advice of my GI guy, went to this group. The office staff was great. Waiting room was clean and cozy.  Great parking. the first practitioner I saw was Shannon Frederick (PAC). Horrible bedside manner. Totally talked down to me. I'd had an ultrasound that said my ovaries were clear but the pain I was having totally felt like prior times I'd had ovarian cysts. And now my mom had uterine/ovarian cancer so I wasn't going to take any cysts lightly. Though I was having considerable pain, bloating, etc, Frederick snapped, "Ultrasounds DON'T LIE!" Okay. I ended up in the ER 8 days later with sever pain in my lower left side and Dr. Jennifer White did a CAT scan and guess what showed up? The cyst that I'd had back in September. Same size, same shape, same place. Could it have grown that fast since the ultrasound "missed" it 8 days before? Dr. White recommended I try her OB/GYN and he assured me "ultrasounds DO lie and they can lie quite often." I was so relieved (to know I wasn't crazy as Frederick had made me feel). I got a call from Doylestown Gynecology asking me why I was having my records transferred to the new OB/GYN and I explained how curt and cold Fredreick had been and they said, "Give us another chance."
So, I was quite touched that they actually wanted to win my business back and so I went to see Dr. Gerstein. She was extremely nice. Really took time to talk to me...but, honestly, she didn't seem to take my symptoms seriously and tried to talk me out of hysterectomy (which I was considering and which Dr. Dinesen had agreed given my family history and my current problems and ongoing cyst, it might be a good thing). So I decided to get a third opinion and in between that time of waiting to see the new doctor - the cyst is now complex and hemorrhagic. So, I can't recommend this practice who kept assuring me there was nothing to worry about and didn't take my concerns at all seriously (and also tried to point out Dr. Dinesen delivers babies and they do NOT, implying that my best bet is their practice because he is so busy). Also, people, remember you are your own best advocate and know your body best!