Saturday, January 9, 2010


We stopped in for lunch right before Christmas. The downstairs was sunny in the front, dark and mysterious in the back. We sat in the back.
Our waitress was very polite and seemed a bit if she was new...or it could have been the fact I was taking pictures of all my food...LOL.
I was drinking a dirty martini (it was a few minutes after noon!) and it's hard to find a bartender that makes a really good martini - but this one rocked. Chilled glass, ice cold, and smooth.
We started with the WARM ASPARAGUS SALAD
Wrapped in Black Forest Proscuitto and Tellagio Cheese with Green Herb Vinaigrette. (9 bucks)
On Onion Brioche with Caramelized Onion and Farmhouse Cheddar w/ bacon (somewhere in the 14 bucks range).
WOW. Soft bun. Juicy burger. I rarely eat burgers but that day I was dying for one and next time I'm craving a good hunk of beef - I'll return to Dettera's!
My mate had the CRAB CAKE PANINI Tartar Sauce on Cibatta Roll (14 bucks) and said it was very good.
For dessert - I had the Coconut Flan.
Seriously? Best dessert I've ever had (that's not in the chocolate food group). Wow. Light yet dense with tropical flavor. I thought I'd melt into a puddle of happiness. Really, the perfect way to end the meal.
Mate had creme brulee, he liked, I tried it, and we both agreed it was very good.
We checked out the upstairs before we left - very cozy (fireplace).
I really can't wait to return and try EVERYTHING.
Loved everything from the atmosphere to the food.