Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Honey - Truly Golden!

Honey - a foodie have in Doylestown, Pa. Small but inviting and the food is...well, the best food we've ever had and that may have had a lot to do with the way our server, Trudi, presented and paired the food together to make our experience truly remarkable.
This is a great place to go if celebrating an anniversary (they have romantic booths with draped by fabric to give a feeling of intimacy.
We enjoyed: 5 Spice Chinese Sweet Potato Fries (fabulous alone or with one of the dipping sauces).
Wild Boar Sloppy Joes. I am not an adventurous eater, but was willing to 'go with the flow" and these were fabulous!
Pizza with lamb and lemongrass - my partners FAVORITE of the evening.
Scallops with lomein noodles.
Black Tea Ribs with ginger ice cream. Pairing the ice cream with a bite of the ribs really exalted this dish. I LOVED it.
Chocolate Creme Brule (with chili in it, I believe, very zingy!)
And Chocolate Rice Pudding.
We also had a Honey Blossom Martini - Sweet!
And a Hot and Dirty martini - which was one of my most favorite martini's ever (in the dirty genre).
We'd always help Bobby Flays restaurant as the "Best" we've been to, but Honey has surpassed Mr. Flay - in creativity and ambiance.
We won't be holding off on "special" occasions to eat there, though, as life should be celebrated often and we want to try everything on the menu!
Also - We had drinks, 5 main dishes, 2 desserts, coffee and our bill totaled 109.00. You don't need to break the bank to experience truly creative food and awesome service.