Friday, October 17, 2014

In Full Swing Thrift (Was Full Circle Thrift)

In Full Swing used to be Full Circle Thrift and was located in New Britain. I reviewed Full Circle many years ago, and since then, it's been through many changes, most of them bad and finally, this new move and new store name is just the worst.
The new location has horrible parking.
I went in on a Thursday, which is normally "Ladies Day - 50% off" - only to be told they did away with Ladies Day Thursday. Again. They had tried that years before, lost many customers, and so they brought it back (and brought back the customers).
The new store has a typical thrift store smell (lacking at old location - maybe because it HAD been next to a pizza store!) but...this is the worst...I was shopping with my daughter and she almost stepped on a huge cockroach! We left immediately.
I'm super sad that this shop suffers from "what the boss thinks best" and refuses to listen to what the customers (and employees!) think is best. It's especially sad because donations go to help a womans abuse organization and now, the donations will suffer because of a lack of management.
Recommendation: Bug Exterminator! Pronto!!! Bring back the pricing charts (all sweaters 8.00, all blouses 6.00, etc). Bring back the daily specials. Too bad you can't move again because I'd also say find a better location that has better parking.
I'm happy I stocked up on clothes prior to the move - I get so many compliments and was always eager to send customers their way - very bummed I can no longer do that.
Life is short - enjoy what you have today for it may suffer from management who knows better than their customers!