Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Porterhouse, Lahaska, Pa. Things that make you go...YUM.

Anyplace that serves up a martini called "Wedding Cake" has my vote!
Seriously, though, we've been going to The Porterhouse for  four years, and I'm happy to report, the quality of the food is consistent. I can't tell you how many times I've written reviews citing fabulous food only to return to the place and discover it's not so great, usually this is do to revolving chefs!
Anyway, The Porterhouse does not have this problem!
I've never had a bad meal here, and have tried just about everything, except the seafood. My PIC (Partner in Crime), however, has eaten the seafood and loves it!
A few favorites: The Ham & Havarti, the black bean soup, the smoked chicken spring rolls.
OMG - The Kentucky Derby Pie (pecans and chocolate) is TO DIE FOR. Seriously awesome.
And if you like bread pudding - there's is fab - homemade!
Also to note - the pasta dishes are always wonderful too. You know how often you order pasta and the noodles are limp and pasty? Not so here, it's always wonderful!
One thing that didn't please us - the Creme Brulee - it tastes like vanilla pudding with a sugary coating.
But - that's the only criticism!
Love the bar area - there is a wall of windows which brightens the place up. (I love a lot of light).
Upstairs, the whole back wall is all window, which overlooks fields and is scenic in all seasons!
Love it!
***note, they are closed on Mondays!