Monday, August 23, 2010

Tabora Farm & Orchard - Foodie Goodness In My Backyard!

I am AMAZED that I have lived in Chalfont for 3 years and yet, never heard of Tabora Farm & Orchard!
And you know how I discovered it? Yelp!
I was sitting in my backyard, thinking it was a nice day to try something new. I opened up my Yelp App on my iPhone and searched locally and Tabora came up with great reviews.
Five minutes later, I was walking through the doors of a simple yet charming place that offers bakery treats (NutRoll! Jewish Apple Cake!) along with Gluten Free and regular bakery goods like carrot cake, cookies, donuts, elephant ears, sticky buns, Crumb cake. Pies. Cupcakes. Sheesh. I could go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Then, of course, there is the local produce. Fruits and veggies GALORE. There is a deli with pulled pork, mac n cheese, chicken, and all sorts of fabulous food and salads.
Everyone who worked there said a friendly "Hello!"
Oh...waittttttttttttt...I forgot to mention the ice cream. Home made - and all the usual flavors PLUS - goodies such as lavender, thyme, mint plum!!
Of course, there is also an orchard (where you can pick your own fruit). I didn't get a chance to FULLY explore the place because I was with an 11 year old that does not appreciate the slow, deliberate, ecstatic, wanderings of a foodie when they find a new food spot! Also - it started to rain!
When we walked out, there was a well fed chocolate lab sprawled on the front walk. I mean, I was already sold on the place, but then they added a happy, lazy, friendly dog...OH, and then a hefty rooster walked right by us.
You know how you meet someone and you just KNOW they are awesome? That's exactly the feeling I had when I walked in the door.
I can't wait to try EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!