Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blue A Hair Studio

Blue A Hair Studio
2550 Huntingdon Pike
Huntingdon Vly, PA 19006-6114
(215) 947-2963
After my original stylist left (Lynda), I tried many of the other hair stylists and found that the one thing they all shared in common was the fact they made you feel like a friend, not just a customer. And if I didn't like the way someone colored my hair (because my hair is dark and Lynda had just the right touch with it), I tried someone else out.
It's a delicate situation, but the staff at Blue never ever make you feel guilty or embarrassed for trying to find the right "fit" like so many other salons do.
The thing is, I could have followed Lynda, but I was reluctant to leave Blue because it has such a warm atmosphere, is professional but with their own unique personality. I mean, if that isn't a true testimonial to how great it is, I'm not sure what could top that.
And guess what? Lynda ended up coming back!

(picture is of owner Will Bostock @ Blue)