Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Seasons Tanning - North Wales

Grabbed a "Groupon" deal for 4 Seasons Tanning (over a year ago but just got around to using it!). I thought tanning places were all the same (bored teenagers texting while they check you in) until I started tanning here. It may seem like a silly thing, but they leave a little peppermint on a towel on top of the beds. There are earphones and a small boom box so you can listen while you tan. The rooms the beds are in - very roomy (trying to undress in winter in the small booths at the chain shops are very challenging!). There's never any pressure to buy lotions or anything else. The receptionist is always polite and though I was disappointed when she suggested I start with 15 minutes (I tan easily) because they had placed new bulbs in the beds, I went with it and am really glad I did & didn't argue with her. Each time she bumped me up and I have really nice color. Money is tight these days so I understand when tanners chose to take whatever salon has the best deal at the time...but this tanning salon seems to offer similar packages and I would choose them over one of the chains in a heart beat. Parking is great (they are in a strip mall) - and the place is always clean (and warm!! also another bonus in the winter!!). Really, though, the peppermint  (such a little thing but I LOVE it!) , the welcoming receptionist, and the spacious rooms are what gives 4 Seasons Tanning the edge over other tanning companies!

4 Seasons Tanning
15 Stump Road.
(Between 309 & Horsham Rd.)
North Wales Pa, 19454
(215) 393-9400